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I’ve been doing this for so many years, and I mastered the way to always keep the most natural results for all of them, improving shapes, colors, and giving more definition while maintaining their natural beauty its my goal. 

PMU Courses

Graduated from the University of Texas in Art and Graphic Design. Certified Cosmetologist in the State of Texas. Certified Educator in Texas and Colorado USA. High technical knowledge in ADVANCED COSMETIC LASER. 

More than 8 years of experience with more than 5,000 procedures, she has become one of the most prestigious Permanent Makeup Artist Educators internationally.
Winner of international awards as PMU Master. High-end specialist of the latest technical trends in MICRO-PIGMENTATION.

Eyebrows Services

Consultation is required before booking this appointment. $100.00 Deposit required when booking.

Hybrid Brows

2 hr 30 min · Hybrid Brow has hair strokes only in the front of the brow and shading throughout the arch and tail to create our most popular look! If you have previous brow work done by a non-Marysol Gill artist.



2 hr 30 mints · Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo for the eyebrows done with a manual tool to create the look of hair strokes. A custom brow shape and color are chosen to achieve your most flattering brow look.


Nano Hair Strokes

3 hr · Hair stroke brows done with a digital permanent make-up machine.


Ombre Brows (Shading)

2 hr 45 min · Ombre Brows give the look of a soft powder brow. The front of the brow is soft while the arch and tail are nicely defined. It is a great option for clients who love the look of a glam brow that looks great with or without make-up. Ombre brow is a versatile option that works for all skin types. Consultation required if you have previous permanent makeup not done by Marysol Gill artist 


New Client Touch-up

2 hr · For new clients who have had a permanent make-up service completed by another artist/business and are in need of a touch-up (within 6 months of the original appointment). Prior consultation is required.


Brow Refresh 12-24 months

1 hr 30 min · Our 12-24 month perfection session is for current Marysol Gill beauty clients. If you have work done by a non-Marysol Gill artist a consultation is required.


Brow Perfection Session – 8 weeks -4 months

1 hr – 1 hr 30 min · Our 8-week to 5-month perfection session is for current Marysol Gill Beauty clients after their initial permanent make-up appointment. If you have work done by a non- Marysol Gill artist a consultation is required.


New Client Touch-up Lip Blush

2 hrs · Consultation required if you have previous permanent makeup non-done by Marysol Gill artist.


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